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The Japan AI Experience and Why Japan is the Fastest Growing Adopter of AI

According to IDC Research, Japan has the highest projected growth of artificial intelligence (AI) at 74% (5-year CAGR). DataRobot, pioneers of automated machine learning and a visionary principle of the 4th Industrial Revolution, saw this firsthand at last week’s AI Experience conference in Tokyo. Attended by some 800 business executives and data scientists, the event […]

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IDG Contributor Network: AI – hype or here today?

Gartner has a tool known as the “hype cycle.” It shows where a technology stands on a curve that represents the lifecycle of that technology — including the peak of its “hype,” or inflated expectations, followed by the low point of missed expectations, or the “trough of disillusionment.” The lifecycle finally ends as the technology achieves what they refer to as the “plateau of productivity.” 

AI is currently at the top of this hype cycle, discussed in every tech news cycle and mentioned with predictions of dire consequences from some of the greatest minds today.

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Small businesses reap the benefit of AI and QuickBooks’ far-reaching product vision


Presented by Intuit

Major advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have dominated headlines over the past year. It is obvious why large corporations, with their huge customer bases and vast data warehouses, are excited. It’s been less clear how this technology will impact small businesses and the self-employed though.

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Space Engineers: Major Physics Overhaul


  • Massive physics overhaul
  • Pistons, rotors, landing gears and more
  • Grid deformations – Improved, optimized, tweaked and balanced
  • Optimizations – Less lag, more fun
  • Improved subgrid behavior and fragility
  • Stronger constraints for mechanical blocks so they don’t break so easily
  • Less Clang, more engineering

With today’s major update, 1.185.0, we are releasing a large overhaul to the physics in Space Engineers.

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NLP, NLU, NLG and how Chatbots work

Various acronyms and words are thrown around while talking about Chatbots and at first glance it seems they’re all interchangeable with each other. To understand what the future of chatbots holds, let’s familiarize ourselves with three basic acronyms.

NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and NLG (Natural Language Generation).


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Clause Open Sources Smart Contract Tech, Invites Collaboration

Leading legal smart contract developer, Clause, has open-sourced part of its software in order to encourage collaboration and the development of global standards in this
Leading legal smart contract developer, Clause, has open-sourced part of its software in order to encourage collaboration and the development of global standards in this

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Trump administration wants racist AI for ‘Extreme Vetting Initiative’

It’s becoming increasingly evident the Trump administration doesn’t understand technology, or perhaps fears and hates it. The seemingly imminent abrogation of net neutrality, and its quest to build AI for its “Extreme Vetting Initiative,” appear to lend credibility to any theories suggesting we’re being led by Luddites. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this June sent out a letter detailing an initiative to “obtain contractor services to establish an overarching vetting contract that automates, centralizes and streamlines the current manual vetting process while simultaneously making determinations via automation if the data retrieved is actionable.” According to the letter, the current…

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Lessons Learned from Analytics in Advancing Precision Medicine

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Healthcare systems have been adapting to the need to analyze an unprecedented amount of data.

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The problem with trusting AI to diagnose sleep disorders


About 70 million people report problems with their sleep. And more than ever, they are turning to technology to help them with this plight. Wearable fitness devices are cornering the market, and AI-enabled devices are leading the pack. With flashy terms like machine learning and neural networking backing their products, producers of popular AI sleep trackers are encouraging many consumers to purchase their devices and apps to improve their sleep habits.

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Selling AI? Here’s How To Stand Out From The Noisy Marketing Hype

Hoping to appear relevant, businesses love to invoke AI in their marketing every chance they get — but not everyone is impressed. When the hype gets out of control, facts get lost in the haze and the real promise of artificial intelligence regresses into a sci-fi version of snake oil.

As a result, companies — including those most likely to benefit from AI-driven solutions — are starting to doubt the claims of vendors plugging their wares.

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