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Invoking Azure ML Web Services from Excel, Using Power Query

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio lets data scientists build machine learning models for a variety of problems that require predictive analytics capabilities. The Studio publishes these models as web services which can then be invoked via REST APIs, i.e. to send it data and get back predictions.

For business analysts who spend a lot of time manipulating and visualizing data in spreadsheets, it would very useful to be able to invoke an Azure ML web service from right within that environment, by passing in appropriate parameters and have the results populated back into the spreadsheet.


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Siri on iOS 11 still has a long way to go

What has Apple really done to improve Siri? To be honest, I’m not sure. After testing it for an entire day since Tuesday’s iOS 11 release, mostly on an iPad 9.7-inch and an iPhone 7 Plus, it’s obvious Siri is not a major priority for the company, even if some of the features are improved.


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How GPU-Powered Cellular Analysis Could Help Avoid Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Biopsies

Some 1.3 million men in North America each year undergo biopsies to determine whether they have prostate cancer. While these are ordered only after multiple tests indicate the possible presence of cancer, many are ultimately proven to have been unnecessary.

Researchers at the University of Alberta hope to change that with a new testing method that relies on GPU computing — and which could prevent up to half of those biopsies from happening.


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Tesla said to be working on its own self-driving AI chip with AMD

 Tesla is reportedly developing its own processor for artificial intelligence, intended for use with its self-driving systems, in partnership with AMD. Tesla has an existing relationship with Nvidia, whose GPUs power its Autopilot system, but this new in-house chip reported by CNBC could potentially reduce its reliance on third-party AI processing hardware.
AMD would help provide Tesla with… Read More


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AI will simplify talent acquisition


Recruiters vet thousands of applications and conduct hundreds of interviews each year. This process generates an absurd amount of data that can be difficult for the average human to handle. Modern recruiters are very talented, but they inevitably miss employee placements due to human error in data collection and processing.


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New leadership for MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Antonio Torralba has been named MIT director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab effective immediately, announced Anantha Chandrakasan, dean of the MIT School of Engineering, today.

An expert in computer vision, machine learning, and human visual perception, Torralba is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a principal investigator at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


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Unexpected Futurist: Mark Twain, Tesla, and a Worldwide Visual Telephone System

In our previous episode of Unexpected Futurist, we covered Ben Franklin’s vision of the year 2776. Since Franklin was a leading scientist and experimenter of his day, it isn’t entirely shocking that he could sense that the increasing pace of scientific discovery was going to revolutionize the world. The second […]


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How we got a 98% success rate for our bot for Zalando — A UX case study

Zalando, one of the largest e-commerce companies in Europe, was holding their inaugural Vizions event to announce their new platform. They approached us at avocado to create a new chatbot for the event to improve communication with their attendees while showing the world that they are leaders in technology.

We took a UX-driven approach to research, define and create a successful bot on Slack.


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How Talking About His Female Relatives Helped This Guy Sell A ‘Tabooed’ Product

In a world were we whisper about periods, a 29-year-old boy is creating awareness in the rural areas of Jharkhand on this ‘tabooed’ issue. Talking about periods or sexuality makes people in India uncomfortable, and as a result our society lacks awareness, especially in rural areas. Ladies in the village of Jharkhand are dealing with menstruation in an traditional ways like using ash, husk, grass, or even sand during their menstrual cycle.


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Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: The Perfect Place To Spot The Greater Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros

Situated in the floodplains of the mighty Brahmaputra, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the densest population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros, in the world. Located in the Morigaon district of the state of Assam, the sanctuary is just an hour and a half’s drive away from Guwahati.

Nestled in the grasslands of Assam, landlocked by Assamese villages, the terrain of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is breathtaking to experience.


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Uber says Waymo wants $2.6 billion for one allegedly stolen trade secret

 During a tense exchange, Judge William Alsup allowed an Uber lawyer to disclose that Alphabet’s Waymo is seeking $2.6 billion for a single allegedly stolen trade secret. There are currently nine trade secrets in question that were allegedly compromised by Anthony Levandowski. Waymo’s lawyers, who took time to consider whether to attempt to keep the number private, asserted that… Read More

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