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Futurist David Wood on Transcending Politics: A Better Politics is Beckoning Us Forward 14 hours ago Artificial Intelligence

“There’s no escape: the journey to a healthier society inevitably involves politics.” This is how well-known futurist David Wood starts his most recent book Transcending Politics: A Technoprogressive Roadmap to a Comprehensively Better Future. And so I thought I’d bring him back on Singularity.FM to share with us how exactly is it he […]

How to Hire Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence 19 hours ago Artificial Intelligence

When investigating how AI can impact your organization, don’t forget about human intelligence. You need the right tools and tech to successfully implement AI. But you also need the right people. Any organization implementing AI requires a dynamic and talented team. This team may include engineers, data scientists, and data-savvy business pros. Teams may look different depending on the business. But there are some common ways to begin assessing your need for AI talent.

1–5: How To Sell Your Technology to Insurance Companies 22 hours ago Chatbots

Are you are building a great chatbot-, machine-learning-, AI-, Robotic-Process-Automation technology but struggle to sell it to insurance companies or other large service companies? If you are wondering about any of the following questions, this article might point you in the right direction: What does the insurance industry actually care about? How should I position the value of my product and technology? Who is the right buyer or organization for my product?

Bertha Benz, Story of the First Cross-Country Car Trip, and Your Journey to Artificial Intelligence (AI) 23 hours ago Artificial Intelligence

Satadru Sengupta, DataRobot’s General Manager of Insurance, wrote a piece about the parallels between the journey to artificial intelligence (AI) and the advent of the first ever cross-country car trip. Learn all about how Bertha and Carl Benz, a young couple in Germany, developed and promoted the world’s the first production automobile. AI practices and methods are applied to each stage of their story, bringing together history and technology in a unique and interesting way.  

Frankenstein and AI Self-Driving Cars 1 day ago Artificial Intelligence

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider Mankind creates a monster. Monster runs amok and kills. Mankind is threatened or overtaken. This is a typical plot found in popular movies such as Terminator and The Matrix. We see over and again science fiction stories that warn us about overstepping human bounds. We are repeatedly warned that we might someday bring about our own destruction. Scary. Worrisome. Could it happen? We don’t know, but it sure seems like a possibility.

Your Company’s Data Has Value; Here is How to Find It 1 day ago Artificial Intelligence

Companies are amassing tremendous volumes of data, which they consider their greatest asset, or at least one of their greatest assets. Yet, few business leaders can articulate what their company’s data is worth. Successful data-driven digital natives understand the value of their data and their valuations depend on sound applications of that data. Increasingly venture capitalists, financial analysts and board members will expect startup, public company and other organizational leaders to explain the value of their data in terms of opportunities, top-line growth, bottom line improvement and risks.

Algorithmic Bias is Real and Pervasive. Here’s How You Solve It. 1 day ago Artificial Intelligence

By Robin Bordoli, CEO, CrowdFlower A few months back, I found myself in one of those big electronics stores that are rapidly becoming extinct. I don’t remember exactly why I was there, but I remember a very specific moment where a woman with a Chinese accent paced up to the cashier, plopped her home voice assistant down on the counter and proclaimed: “I need to return this…thing.” The clerk nodded and asked why.

Deep Learning is Seen as a Help to Cardiologists – Not a Job Threat 1 day ago Artificial Intelligence

Applying a deep learning approach to echocardiography could save clinicians time while improving diagnostic accuracy, one Georgia-based cardiologist reported at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting in Orlando, this year. Randolph P. Martin, MD, said machine learning—and its self-training subset, deep learning—is often perceived as a threat to cardiologists, but the tools could aid clinical decision-making in a way humans can’t. Edwards’ CardioCare program revealed that in a study of 150,000 consecutive echocardiograms screening for aortic stenosis, 24 percent of echos were of inadequate quality.
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